A defrost heater serves as a crucial component commonly found in both refrigerators and freezers. Its primary role involves preventing the accumulation of ice on the evaporator coils. During the normal of operation for refrigerators or freezers, moisture present in the air can condense on the evaporator coils and subsequently freeze, resulting in the formation of ice. As time progresses, this ice buildup can accumulate and compromise the efficiency of the entire cooling system.

The defrost heater is specifically designed to prevent this issue by melting the ice that develops on the coils. This is achieved through a predetermined timed cycle, where the heater is activated periodically to elevate the temperature of the coils. Consequently, the ice melts, transforming into water that drains away.

Defrost heaters are a crucial components ensuring the proper functioning of refrigeration units, actively preventing problems like blocked airflow and diminished cooling efficiency. If the defrost heater malfunctions, it can result in excessive ice buildup, potentially impacting the overall performance of the appliance. In such instances, it becomes necessary to replace the defrost heater to restore the appliance to its normal operational state.

Raghway Tech is a manufacturer and supplier of a supreme range of Deforst Heaters in a variety of sizes, wattages, and specifications, and they are utilized in many different industrial applications. Defrost Heaters also known as Coil Heaters, Tray Heaters & Tubular Heaters, these are intricately manufactured using excellent quality raw material and modern technology.


  • Max. Rating voltage 250V / 50-60 Hz, Relevant Humidity < 90%
  • Power Tolerance : < 5% • Insulation Resistance (Immersion, Under Normal Temp) : > 100 mA
  • Insulation Strength (Immersion , Under Normal Temp) : 1500V 1 min no checkmate and flash
  • Leaking Electric Current (Immersion, Under Normal Temp) : < 0.02 mA / metre
  • Terminal Connecting Strength : 58.5N 1 min no abnormality
  • Tube Diameter keeping Rate When Bended : > 85%
  • Overload Test : 1.15 times of rated voltage
  • Tube Size : Standard


  • Heater Material (SS)
  • Best Quality of Nicrome Wire & MGO
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Robust construction
  • Resistant against corrosion
  • Durable
  • Precisely designed

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