An industrial immersion heater stands out as a specialized heating device extensively employed in industrial applications to heat water. Its primary function involves immersing directly into the substance that necessitates heating. Our heaters consist a heating element enclosed within a protective sheath, crafted from materials like stainless steel or other resistant to corrosion material.

One of main feature of our industrial immersion heater lies in its efficiency at transferring heat to the water. The immersion aspect guarantees direct contact with the substance, resulting in swift and effective heating. These heaters find application in a broad spectrum of industrial processes, ranging from heating tanks and vats to various hot water generation systems.

Raaghway Tech is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of various industrial immersion heaters according to specific application needs. Our heaters come in diverse shapes and sizes, and the selection of sheath material depends on the characteristics of the substance being heated and the prevailing environmental conditions.

Furthermore, customization options are available to accommodate variations in wattage, voltage, and other parameters, ensuring the adaptability of these heaters to the diverse requirements of industrial processes. These can also be said as water heater and oil heater, these are rigorously tested on well defined quality parameters by our quality controllers to ensure flawlessness.


Cat. No.WattsVoltsFlange (BSPP)Length
SI. No. 110 – IWI – 20200023011/4”220
SI. No. 111 – IWI – 20+2000+23011/2″220
SI. No. 123 – IWI – 303000230/41511/4″280
SI. No. 113 – IWI – 30+3000+230/41511/2″220
SI. No. 114 – IWI – 30++3000+230/4152”220
SI. No. 115 – IWI – 404000230/4152”260
SI. No. 116 – IWI – 505000230/4152”320
SI. No. 117 – IWI – 606000230/4152”380
SI. No. 118 – IWI – 757500230/4152”450
SI. No. 119 – IWI – 909000230/4152”500
SI. No. 120 – IWI – 12012000230/4152”610


  • Heater Material (SS)
  • Unmatched resistance to corrosion
  • Impeccable functionality
  • Superior functional life
  • Low maintenance cost

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