Ribbon Heaters are specialized flat and typically flexible resistive heating elements designed for various applications. We “Raaghway Tech” utilizes a fiber cloth matrial to produce these Ribbon heaters, which add a unique dimension to its heating capabilities. The distinctive ribbon shape offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for numerous heating requirements.

One of the key advantages of ribbon heaters/ heat tracers their low profile. The flat and thin design allows for easy installation in tight spaces and ensures minimal intrusion into the surrounding environment. This characteristic makes ribbon heaters particularly suitable for applications where space constraints are a concern.

Flexibility is another notable feature of ribbon heaters. This feature enables these heaters to conform to curved or irregular surfaces, providing versatility in their application. This also simplifies the installation process and allows for effective heat distribution across complex shapes or structures.

The large heat transfer area is a crucial benefit of ribbon heaters. The extended surface area enhances the efficiency of heat transfer, ensuring that a significant amount of heat is distributed evenly. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in applications where uniform heating is essential, contributing to improved performance and reliability.


ApplicationChemical & Liquid Heating
BrandRaaghway Tech
Width W (mm)As Per Standard
Usage PatternIndividual Item
Category Single BodyBelt Heater
Heat Generation BodyNickel-chrome Wire


  • Heater Material (Fibre Cloth)
  • Solid yet adaptable development
  • Rust confirmation
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance cost

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