A finned strip heater is a commonly used electric heating element in both industrial and commercial applications. Constructed as a flat, rectangular strip typically composed of materials like stainless steel or nickel-chromium alloy, this device is electrically heated to produce heat. What sets the finned strip heater apart is the inclusion of fins on one side of the strip.

The incorporation of fins amplifies the surface area of the heater, thereby improving its efficiency in transferring heat. This unique design enables the heater to disperse heat more effectively into its surrounding medium, whether that medium is air or another substance. The augmented surface area provided by the fins facilitates superior heat distribution, making finned strip heaters particularly well-suited for applications where uniform heating is of paramount importance.

Finned strip heaters find utility across diverse industries, including manufacturing, packaging, and process heating. They are frequently employed in air heating systems, ovens, drying applications, and various processes necessitating a heating solution that is both compact and efficient.

Raghav industries is one of the prominent manufacturer and supplier of a high quality assortment of Finned Strip Heater in multiple size, watts and specification as per their requirements. The offered heaters are fabricated using optimum quality raw material and sophisticated technology in compliance with the international standards.


Cat. No.WattsVoltsTotal LengthH to H Length
SI. No. 201 – FSH – 0550024012”10.25”
SI. No. 202 – FSH – 0775024012”10.25”
SI. No. 203 – FSH – 10100024018”16.25”
SI. No. 204– FSH – 15150024018”16.25”
SI. No. 205 – FSH – 20200024029”27.25”
SI. No. 206 – FSH – 25250024033.5”32.75/-
SI. No. 207 – FSH – 30300024033.5”32.75/-
SI. No. 208 – FSH – 30+300024033.5”32.75/-
SI. No. 209 – FSH – 35350024033.5”32.75/-


  • Heater Material (SS, MS & GI)
  • Longer service life
  • Excellent performance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Uniform heat transfer
  • Low maintenance cost

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