A finned air heater represents a specialized heating element designed for the effective transfer of heat to the surrounding air. Typically constructed with a resistive material such as nichrome, the heating element incorporates fins protruding from its surface. These fins are integral in augmenting the heater’s surface area, thereby optimizing heat transfer.

The fundamental concept guiding the operation of a finned air heater revolves around maximizing contact between the heating element and the air to achieve efficient heating. As the heating element warms, the fins contribute to spreading the heat across a larger surface area, facilitating improved convection and airflow.

Finned air heaters find widespread application in diverse settings, including industrial processes, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, and appliances where the uniform and efficient heating of air is paramount. The significance of fins in enhancing the heater’s performance is evident in their role of promoting effective heat dissipation and ensuring an even distribution of temperature.

There are many types of finned air heaters such as Straight, U Type Heater, U Type with Clamp etc. Are you in search of high-quality Finned Air Heater? Your search ends here, we Raaghway Tech the best Air Heater Manufacturer Supplier and Wholesaler in India, provide you the long-lasting life of Heaters in a wide range of sizes, watts and specifications as per your requirements.


Cat. No.WattsVoltsLengthWidthHeight
SI. No. 123-RHI 055002302547040
SI. No. 124-RHI 077002304507040
SI. No. 125-RHI 1010002306107040
SI. No. 126-RHI 10+10002307627040
SI. No. 127-RHI 1515002307627040
SI. No. 128-RHI 15+15002309907040
SI. No. 129-RHI 2020002309907040


  • Heater Material (SS)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hassle free performance
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable
  • Precisely designed

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