A drain heater is a crucial component employed in various industrial applications, particularly in tanks, drain pipelines, outdoor pipelines, vegetable oil pipelines, and other similar applications. Its primary function is to prevent the contents of these pipelines from solidifying or freezing, ensuring smooth flow and operational efficiency even in extreme temperatures.

Raaghway Tech is a leading manufacturer of industrial heating solutions including drain heaters, available in multiple sizes, watts and specifications given by our clients. These heaters are crafted using high-quality materials, primarily stainless steel (S.S.) and silicone, ensuring durability and efficient performance.

Our drain heaters are useful in a variety of industries. These heaters are essential for ensuring smooth operations because they can be used to maintain ideal temperatures in tanks, prevent freezing in drain pipelines, or facilitate the smooth flow of vegetable oils. Raaghway Tech is aware of the distinct characteristics of every industrial area. Therefore, we provide our Drain Heaters according to your specific requirements, ensuring a customized heating solution for your application.

Raaghway Tech Drain Heaters are designed with ease of maintenance and installation in mind. These heaters minimize downtime and offer hassle-free operation, which lowers overall operating costs. In addition, our Drain Heaters are compliance with safety norms and industry standards. Raaghway Tech is dedicated to providing products that put the health of workers and equipment.


  • Heater Material (SS & Silicone)
  • Best Quality of Nicrome Wire
  • Excellent Teffon Coating & SS Breading
  • Used Top Grade of Silicone
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Durable

Heat Tracer Parallel Circuit in SS
( Cutt to Length Type)

Silicone Heat Tracer Parallel Circuit
( Cutt to Length Type)

Silicone Drain Heater Singel Side Conncetion
( Flat Type)

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